YouTube Influencer Marketing

Youtube influencers have borderline super engagement, users are personally involved with the influencer and dedicate time to watching their favorite influencer. This viewing time could be your product getting unboxed or your startup getting reviewed to thousands of engaged viewers.

What is YouTube Influencer Marketing?

YouTuber's have an engaged audience and love to spread the news about interesting finds or products (especially hauls!) and we allow YouTuber's to make money by advertising your product on their channel. YouTuber's have the power to advertise your product in numerous ways, this could be a simple unboxing video, an in-depth review or just a simple description video. It's a great way to get your product front and center in front of thousands of engaged viewers.

Vetted Channels

Bloggerwork vets every application from YouTuber's which means you don't have to check the stats yourself, we've made sure they're all real views and subscribers. If we think there's something dodgy going on with their statistics, we don't let them in - we're a big believer in quality over quantity. You can rely on Bloggerwork to always get real exposure and publicity.

Do I need to send a product?

Sometimes it may be required that you send a product to the YouTuber to review, sometimes you don't. If you're an online startup similar to ourselves, some Youtuber's will review it online using some sort of split screen. We advise that you read the listing for the placement carefully and make sure that the placement/advertisement is for you. If you've purchased the wrong placement don't worry, we'll refund you straight away only if the placement hasn't been posted and no content has been produced by the influencer.

How much does it cost?

Well, YouTube posts can vary depending on the viewership and the statistics of the YouTuber. The prices usually start at £100 and can go anywhere above that, prices can vary depending on what level of exposure you're needing. An example of this is that if you're looking for a YouTuber to do a Haul only from your store this may cost more than just including your store in one of their regular videos.