Twitch Streamer Marketing

Twitch has exploded in popularity these days, with other social media platforms struggling to catch up. Twitch isn't just for gamers anymore, they have numerous channels for chatting, artistry and sometimes even gym sessions. We're one of the first influencer marketplaces to offer Twitch streaming sponsorships and advertisements.

What is Twitch Streamer marketing?

Twitch marketing is extremely lucrative for brands as well as streamers, Twitch streamers have a dedicated user base with viewers subscribing to the channel. Having this dedicated user base means that brands have further exposure to potential customers when utilizing this form of marketing. We have a handful of Twitch streamers that offer numerous placements and listings from full sponsorship, small banner placements or even a shoutout every now and then. This form of marketing isn't just for gaming companies, it's for nearly every brand.

Vetted Profiles

We make sure the Twitch profile is legit and has real subscribers and viewers. You'll get no fake views or subscribers on Bloggerwork for any influencer, including Twitch. Both brands and influencers go through a strict vetting process where we double check every statistic and make sure the profile is live and has some authority behind it. We usually like to pair Twitch influencer marketing with either sponsored blog posts or Instagram posts - most Twitch influencers have numerous platforms that they already advertise on.

Types of Twitch Influencer Posts

We have numerous listings from our Twitch influencers, these include banner adverts, in-stream adverts, and just a simple shout out to your brand. All of these options have great benefit to your brand, even a simple shout out from a prolific twitch streamer can get you numerous visits and interest.

How much does a typical post cost?

With all our listings, it completely depends on the influencer and how much they think that placement is worth. Twitch posts start at £25 for a basic shout out on a stream and the price scales depending on what you're requiring for your placement e.g. if you're looking for a banner advert and an in-stream video ad then obviously this price increases dramatically.