Managed Campaigns

Short on time? Need experts to do the heavy lifting? Managed campaigns are the perfect way to get started with influencer marketing quickly and for a fraction of the cost.

Let us do the heavy lifting

We've managed influencer marketing for numerous household brands; we even did it for this very platform. We'll set up the perfect influencer marketing campaign which matches perfectly to your product offering.

Starting at only £1,200+

Fancy dipping your toe into this style of marketing? Well, you're in luck - we have starter packages which we offer that gives you a taste of how powerful influencer marketing can be. Our pricing scales depending on the individual needs of each inquiry/campaign, which means they're entirely bespoke per brand.

Access Exclusive Influencers

We have some of the best influencers in the world on our platform, but we also have a few influencers that are not listed in the day to day marketplace. We call these "Exclusive" and they can be accessed via Managed campaigns only. These influencers can give a tremendous boost to any marketing campaign.

Photography matching your brand

Need a specific style for your photography? When you create a managed campaign with Bloggerwork our experts make sure we brief the styling into the influencer, making sure that every photo is shot perfectly matching your campaign style.