Make Money Blogging

Whether you're wanting to monetise your blog or just review great products, Bloggerwork is perfect for you. Learn how you can make money from your blog with Bloggerwork.

Your Blog + Bloggerwork

So you've got a blog and your readers love it. Well, you're in luck. If this is you then Bloggerwork would love to partner with you and help you monetize your blog without sacrificing the quality of your content. Bloggerwork works in partnership with you allowing you to advertise any paid placements you may have or going to have - this could be a sponsored post, shoutout or a simple sidebar link on Bloggerwork's unique marketplace. You control everything from how the listing will look, what the content will be and the price point. Brands browse around the marketplace and choose the best ones that represent them, this could be Nestle, Maybelline or a brand new startup that's fresh on the market.

Joining Bloggerwork

We go through a strict vetting process for every single blog that applies, your placements will never disappear in a sea sub-par blogs, you'll be joining an exclusive community of bloggers. We also vet brands, so you'll never get a placement purchase from a low-quality brand such as Gambling. Once you apply, your site will get checked over by our quality team (if you get declined we will give reasoning behind this so you can improve), if your blog passes your account will be approved and we'll give you access to the marketplace where you can then add any placements you have on your website.

Bloggers earn on average £100+

How much will I get paid? We hear you, payments can range from £20 all the way to £10,000 depending on the quality of your followers, blog, domain authority and traffic. An example would be if Kim Kardashian put her blog on Bloggerwork it would be in the higher end of that price point, and if a new but quality blog applied they would charge to the lower end of that scale.

What products will I get to promote?

We have a range of brands on Bloggerwork, from flower delivery to clothing, we cater to a lot of brands. Brands usually purchase placements which match their target demographics but this can change dramatically depending on numerous factors. You could be writing about flower delivery one week and placing a clothing link on your sidebar a week later. If you get something you don't want to promote, that's fine we simply inform the brand that you do not wish to work with them.

How do I get paid?

Once the brand has chosen their desired content/placement, they then purchase your placement for your desired price point. Once this happens, we get in touch with you to let you know the details of the assignment/brief, you can decline or accept. If you accept the blogging opportunity, you follow through with the advertised specifications on your listing. Once the post is live and kicking, we then send you the payment on the same day - simple. If the content then gets deleted, for an unfair reason, we then reverse this payment. (We like our system to be Fair - Fair)

Do I get to write/create content?

Yes, if you want to. We allow you to accept custom content or not - it's entirely up to you. If you have a certain style/tone you want to keep up then you may want to disallow custom content from brands and write it yourself. Please be advised, some brands have teams of content writers and your listing may be more appetizing if you appeal to them.