Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram influencer marketing is on the most powerful activities to boost any marketing campaign, especially for the 18-30 age bracket. Instagram is slowly taking over Facebook for content engagement and activity.

What is Instagram Influencer Marketing?

Instagram influencer marketing is rather simple, influencers/users advertise your product to their followers usually producing some "user-generated content" along with it, this can either come in the form of a photo or video within a post. Instagram has huge potential for pioneering brands to get their product out there into the world, some brands depend on this sort of marketing to target a younger age range which is much more engaged with Instagram than any other platform.

Vetted Profiles

We vet every profile before they post on Bloggerwork, there are no fake follower counts around here! We also make sure they have an actively engaged user base, we check this from activity to follower ratios and a few manual verification checks. This means you'll always be purchasing real, vetted sponsored content which will generate revenue.

Types of Instagram Posts

Our influencers usually product unique content around your brand, let's say you owned a sports bottle company, our influencers may take a picture of themselves in the gym using your water bottle and send that out to their followers attached with a link to your website or product. It doesn't always have to be a photo, it can be a video as well. It all depends on what listing you purchase from the influencer.

How does it work on Bloggerwork?

On Bloggerwork's unique marketplace we have hundreds of listings ranging from extremely popular Instagram influencers to micro influencers, all offering posts to their engaged followers. All you have to do is browse the marketplace for an influencer which best suits your product niche such as "Sport". Once your purchase a placement, we'll get in touch with the influencer to organize your post and get it up and running for you. If you choose to go ahead with a managed campaign, we can make sure the content generated for your brand matches your position in the market.


Instagram influencer marketing with Bloggerwork can cost anywhere from £20 for a micro influencer all the way to £10,000 depending on the metrics they possess. We usually recommend purchasing numerous micro influencers and sprinkling in some bigger Instagrammers to reach a wider audience.