Agency Friendly

Talent Management? Influencer Marketing Agency? Speak to us.

Total Control

We don't overtake any of your social accounts; your client is exactly that - yours. We won't try and poach any of your influencers from your network. Send proposals for the campaigns you think match your influencer, or create a campaign you feel will match your clients brief.

Agency Account

Manage multiple influencers? We have Agency Accounts which allow you to apply to various campaigns with multiple influencers all from one account. Simple to manage, one login.

Need extra influencers?

Are you running an extensive brand campaign? Need extra influencers? Well, we can help. We have a comprehensive database of influencers which would love to submit proposals for your brand campaign. You can get up to 100 proposals from influencers within 24hrs.

Detailed Reporting

We offer detailed reporting on the brand campaigns you run with us. These include lots of juicy metrics in a PDF format which can be matched to your brand, even down to the color scheme.