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Do you have your own business? Do you make important business decisions every day? Do you want to run your own business some day? Well, Entreprenable needs you!

We are looking for entrepreneurs, startup founders, freelancers and business owners to take a look at our interactive online course, Finance for Business Survival, and write an honest review in their blog/social media pages!

If you want to learn how every decision you make affects your cash flow, send us a proposal!

For compensation, we'll give you free lifetime access to Finance for Business Survival and pay you £40 to post a review!


You'll receive £40.00 per approved post.

Entreprenable will approve proposals manually. Payment is insant after the post has been made.

How it works

Get Pitch Perfect'

Read the brief above, and get the pitch looking spot on. We usually say give the brand a few ideas on what you could write about and how you could get their brief accross.

Submit Proposal

Once you've read the brief and gathered some ideas it's time to fill in your proposal below. Be quite specific on what you'd be doing.

Get Accepted

Once you've sent a proposal, the brand will be notified and they will choose whether to accept or decline your proposal.


If the brand has accepted your proposal, it's time to deliver what you set out in your proposal. Once delivered, just reply to the accepted email.

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