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Bloggerwork is your new self service influencer marketplace, connecting authority influencers with the top brands. Completely free for both Brands and Influencers to use.

Why Bloggerwork?


  • Unlimited Earning Potential
  • £100 Average Post Value
  • Wide Variety of Brands
  • Exclusive New Products
  • Free to Join
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  • Completely Free Self Serve Platform
  • Posts start at £30
  • Vetted Domains, Pages and Profiles
  • Over 1,250+ Vetted Influencers
  • Niche Specific
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  • Short on time? Let us do the heavy lifting
  • Matched to your brand
  • Managed by social/search experts
  • Access Unlisted Influencers
  • Starts at £1200+ per campaign
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How it works?

Sign up

Sign up above and we’ll approve your account in due time. Read our Guidelines here


Find influencers you’d like to work with using our beautiful dashboard.


Fill in the order form with your information and pay securely.


We’ll get in touch with the influencer and make sure the promotion goes smoothly.

“From start to finish Bloggerwork has been professional, sending me relevant opportunities that allow me to expose great brands to my audience.”


In-house Industry Experts

Our team of industry experts are on hand every step of the way if you run into any troubles.

Vetted on Both Sides

We don't just vet influencers, we vet brands as well to make sure the quality is high on both sides.

Easy to use Platform

We pride ourselves in having the easiest to use platform for influencer marketing.

Zero Joining Fees

We don't believe in charging brands or influencers for joining a platform. You can read more about how we charge for our services in our FAQ below.

Twitch Streamers New!

Twitch is an ever growing platform, and now you can get your brand front and center when people are viewing streams.

Simple Checkout

We have an easy checkout, no haggling, no chatting for endless hours. Just Add to basket and checkout.

No Back & Forth

No endless chatting to no avail, we've simplified the process down to 3 buttons clicks.

After Care

Post been removed? Need that link gone? We've got you. We offer after care with every single purchase.

Influencer Events New!

We host networking events for influencers, allowing influencers to chat with brands and learn more techniques for exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Bloggerwork works with influencers and brands from across the globe. Please feel free to register.
No, you can sign up with any of the following networks. Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and of course your website.
Nada. Nothing. Zero. We don't charge anything for joining our platform or adding listings. When brands purchase a placement from an influencer, we charge a nominal 10% on top - which we call "Bloggerwork Fee".
No. But we do like to see quality platforms whether that be your blog or twitter. It should be fully complete.
No. But you may need to sign some documentation from certain brands if it's an unreleased product e.g. an unreleased sports car.
We have a strict manual vetting process, we look at your application and view your website as well as social profiles. We double check your statistics and follower counts using numerous programs. If you're lucky enough to be accepted, we then send you an email alerting you that your profile is now live. If you haven't been accepted, we will also send you an email with ideas on how to improve and the reasoning behind the decision.
Straight to whatever payment method you prefer. We usually do Direct Bank to Bank transfer but for foreign blogs we use PayPal.
We have brands large and small on Bloggerwork, it's a mixed bag but don't forget we also vet the brands for quality.
Yes. We offer 10% off your first order with Bloggerwork.
If you want to speed up the vetting process we have a simple badge that you can place on your website, we then check that you own this website and it also shows us that you're serious about joining.
Just send us a quick email to [email protected] or chat to us on the live help in the bottom right corner.